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Oh wow, hey January and 2012.


2-0-1-2. Wow, feels weird to be seeing a new year. To just think, 2011 had just gotten here. Ah well, I’m not gonna lie I’m happy that it’s gone. 2010 and 2011 were both shitty years for me. 2012 I feel will be a better year for me. I mean after all, it’s the year of the dragon. One of my favorite mythological creatures.

Art by the lovely, wasawasawa on dA.

I decided that for this entire month, I’ll blog at least twice a week with a different theme or story. So here’s a couple of my plans (in no specific order):

  • A very personal story from my past, to give a bit to my character.
  • A recent story.
  • My relationship history.
  • Family history maybe.
  • My wardrobe and style over the years.
  • New changes I want to do. (Going to start documenting as of now.)

Okay, those are just a few. If any better ones or new ones come to mind, I’ll just post those instead. Hope everyone’s enjoying their New Year so far!