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‘Sup…yup, syrup?

Okay, so I finally am back to blogging! No fancy layout, just my little chibi me by the talented, Shouri, a Tokyo background made to go with my chibi, and some good CSS made by Georgina because I was too lazy to code the initial layout I was making. Beside I still have to work on the main SILLYGODDISCO site. I’m thinking late 2011 early 2012 is when SGD will be done. I know that’s so late, but you all will see. Hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait.

Moving on, so much has happened since the last time I have ever blogged. I think the blog was named Metamorphoze… can’t remember. But yeah, I pretty much abandoned it for reasons undisclosed. Like I was saying though, so much has been going on since I last posted. I moved from my home in Maryland to live with my cousin in her rather big apartment in Washington, D.C. It really wasn’t a drastic move. But still.. I’ve gotten semi used to living in the city instead of the suburbs. But OMG, people are so effing rude.

However I love all of the weird little shops and how everything is so nearby. And I’ve gotten plenty of exercise, so it’s awesome. There’s also a gorgeous park right across the street from my building! One day if the weather permits, I’ll make a post dedicated to a day in the park.

I’ve been buying a shit load of clothes, make-up, jewelry and shoes. So you’ll see posts about that. And I’ve been meeting several new people. Maybe this move was good for me after all..

As well, I tried to get my love for anime to come back and its semi-back. It never left, it’s just that its not as strong as it was say 2 years ago. However, I’m still into reading/writing my fanfictions and watching anime films. I just got finished reading a InuYasha a fanfic written by the talented, InuGrrrl and watching the anime film, Golden Boy. (Btw, definitely watch this one. It’s hilariously good. Check a scene below.)


Anyways, gonna wrap this post up. I know as time goes on I’m gonna have so much to blog about. And btw, I’m looking for link exchanges!