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Tattoos: Part I

If you’ve ever had a full on conversation with me, you’d know I slightly obsess over tattoos. Like ever since I found out they existed I would just stare at people who had them. Like just imagine, a 6-12 year old just staring at your tats. Haha. But seriously,  I obsessed over people with tattoos and body modifications period. By the time I was 16, I had 3 body mods. My tongue, my nose and the back part of my neck were all pierced. My grandma wouldn’t let me get any tattoos. She thought it pointless and disgusting, especially because I’m a girl – but I love them. When I turned 17 though, I was supposed to get my first tattoo. I was spazzing so much over the fact, that on the gothic & alternative site I was on, Vampirefreaks, one of the cults I was in dedicated a post to my tattoo. My friends there even came up with ideas of my first tattoo. Not the best were they, nor very appropriate, but hey I loved it. Unfortunately, it never happened. I was crushed.  Then for my 18th birthday, friends were supposed to take me.. didn’t happen nor did it happen when I turned 19. However just recently, I was finally able to get my tattoos. :D The first one, I didn’t want to make huge. So I got a tribute to one of my favorite Japanese pop groups, Arashi. It however has duel meaning, so people who don’t know who Arashi is and ask what does it mean, I just say “Storm“. Here is what it looks like:

Sorry for looking very orange. I am not infact. It was the lighting.

I got this back in the start of summer this year. I was so proud I was purposely buying backless dresses and tank tops just to show it off. I got a lot of compliments on it and it only cost me $80 USD! It didn’t even hurt. It was more annoying than anything. But the guy that did it was awesome and pretty much talked me through it all. Even though I was sitting there with a face like:

I was ‘very excited‘. And now just recently, I got some tattoos I’ve wanted since the series got revamped.

Transformers Insignia :D Autobots with the Japanese for “Honor” underneath and Decepticons with “Deceit” under it. Its more than meets the eye. Haha.

 I love these the most so far. Maybe because it feeds my geeky side. I plan on getting them colored, or if not using markers to color them myself. Yaay childhood. lol And I still have 7 more tattoo to go before I’m satisfied. lol Though I’m just saying that now. I know I’ll probably get more than that. And as well I plan on getting my nose re-pierced so I can wear a small hoop on my nostril.

So anyways, what are you guys views on tattoos? Do you have any?