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just a little shook up.

If you watch the news, or live in the United States (all the way up to Toronto, Canada apparently), you’ll know that the East Coast of the country was hit with a 5.8 Earthquake.  I literally felt it. I live smack dab in the middle of Washington, D.C all the way on the 9th floor of a high-rise and it made this building sway. So I felt it. I lived it. I heard people panicking. I heard firetrucks, ambulance, and police sirens going off after it was finished. My poor cat, Che, ran into my bedroom to take shelter and I was just left standing there like ‘Wow, this really just happened.‘ I’m sure, I, like many other people were more shocked than anything. We on the east coast are the last to expect a quake of that magnitude. Though we did get one last year, it wasn’t anything like this. Buildings are still recovering and many people cannot go home due to the fact that their building just might be damage. Many area schools, some federal buildings and landmarks including the Washington Monument were closed this morning as a safety precaution as they are inspected for damage.

Everything just felt surreal. I’m still a bit nervous, I mean, I ride metro every other day to go many places but now I’m very fearful since all subway stations in the district are underground. I’m still very nervous to be in my building and I slept uneasy because I could’ve swore I heard the building creaking like it was going to collapse.

As I sit here and type all of this, I’m still just stuck in a state of awe. No damage was really done, not in the district really. A few buildings here and there have structural damage, but luckily no one was hurt. That we know of so far. So, because I’m a bit speechless, here are a few pictures of what was going on around the city, pretty much after it all happened.

Post Eartquake message from Metro.

Video of how crowded Metro was after the Earthquake and how it wasn’t going anywhere.


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