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You’re getting old!

So, my birthday is coming up soon. 7 days from the date of this post to be exact. (It’s the 9th of September). Can’t say I’m too excited. Why, you ask? Because. I’m going to be 20. No longer a carefree teen. Though.. I haven’t been carefree since I was 16. (I’ve been working pretty much since then.) No longer will people care about the cute odd, 19 year old things I do. But look to me more as a 20 year old adult. Accck, it’s scary to actually think I’m getting older. I usually hate to think about it. It’s why I sort of dread birthdays now. That and the fact that last year, my birthday didn’t go so well. Long story short, some “friends” thought it would be funny to humiliate me and completely tell me they never liked me to start with. Meh, bad memories.

So yeah, long story short. I’m not looking forward to getting older. I mean besides the one year, nothing else happens. No awesome powers, no ability to bend elements or time for that matter. No immunity. Sucks.

However, even though I don’t look forward to birthdays, I do look forward to the long wishlist that majority of the time gets taken care of for my birthday.

So I share with you my wishlist. (Well, some of the top things I want.)

Lslv Tribal Graphic Top – Forever 21