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Soo, you gais. Today I started on my quest for clear skin! I’ve been battling with sudden severe acne since November (basically I’ll just say my skin started to get bad in October but got really bad in November).  Here’s a unedited skin picture of the current state of my skin. (Ignore the messy hair. I was in the tub. lol)

Ew, right guys? DUN LAUGH. This is why I slather my face with tons of make-up. I hate that ish. I haven’t had bad skin like this since I was 15. I’m 20 and adult acne is the worst to deal with. UGH. Double UGH. Anyways, so.. fast forward. Since November I’ve been using nearly everything possible. Mainly natural remedies (but I seemed to be allergic to a lot of it – so that was no bust.) A friend a mine today (after looking grossed out over my recent “harvest” of new breakouts) suggested I try – AcneFree. She even bought it for me. (Bless joo Jessica. =T^T=) It’s basically a 3-step program like Proactiv for a cheaper price and instead of waiting for more to be shipped you can just go out to a drug store and buy more.

I got it at my local CVS (drugstore) for $19.95. Which is about the price of Proactiv but at least I can buy more if needed. The one I got is for moderate acne since.. I have a lot of break-outs but sensitive skin on some parts. They have a Severe formula that is, I’m sure, 5x stronger but it would probably burn my face. So tonight I washed my face for the first time (first with regular soap to get rid of the make-up I was wearing) and then with this. And you know what, it didn’t burn! Like normally acne medicines, washes and astringents burn the hell out of my skin and turn me all reddish. They would clear it up but only for a very short time and it would make my skin peel horribly. This is not harsh at all on my skin and I’m going to use this religiously (day and night). And hopefully get some good results within a week. I will document my progress the best way I can too!

To continue this beauty post I will share with you all the recent items I’ve purchased. (All at Target none the less.)

*NEW* L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Hopeless Romantic CollectionEiffel For You (#370) $4.99
I adore shades like this. It’s nude but not quite. And because I have been falling in love with a edgier style. This was a must-buy for me.

*PAST* ORLY Sweet CollectionGumdrop (#40733) $6.99
It’s actually lighter than the picture. The lightening does it no justice. Huhu. Experimenting with colors. Hm. I usually always do red, purple or a odd pinkish. Then my nudes or sheers never anything wild like this.

Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength CollectionDiamonds (#120) – $3.99
It’s sparkly and sheer. For if you want to strengthen your nails and want a little more sparkle than just clear nail polish. This (and Sally Hansen’s Growth collection) are good for if you are constantly changing your nail polish. It keeps them healthy and strong.

Sally Henson’s Gem Crush Collection - Bejeweled (#05) – $2.99
What can I say about this one? IT’S PURPLE! Oh and sparkly. I love sparkles.

*NEW* REVLON ColorBurst Lip Butter – Fig Jam (#30) – $.6.49
Glides on smooth and works like a chap-stick with color. I love this soft brown color cause it’s just the added amount of color I want.

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick – Chocoliscious (#665) – $.5.99
I know dark lips are a fall thing buuut, I love this shade and will forever wear it.  It’s dark but not too dark.

*NEW* Rimmel London VOLUME ACCELERATOR Mascara – Extreme Black (#003) – $5-6
Does what it says. Because I refuse to wear fake eyelashes because they bug me and the glue irritates my eyes, plumping up and making my own lashes attractive is a goal. So I go for length and volume. If you want long thing lashes, it’s best you go with a coat of Length mascara first then a volume mascara. Works wonder. Beware spider lashes though. Use a lash comb!

REVLON ColorStay Aqua Mineral Make-up – Deep (#80) – $11.99
Mineral make-up is the only thing that doesn’t further irritate my skin.  I look streaky with liquid foundation and because my nose and forehead gets oily it tends to crease. I haven’t had that problem with Mineral make-up except for having to reapply ever 4 hours or so. (That’s only if I’m out all day, etc.)

Basically these are the latest additions to my beauty collection. And a much needed skin care regimen.

Also. I’ve been looking to go for a new hairstyle. I’m getting bored of my current and because it’s growing out. Idek what to do. But that’ll be a post for another day. But if anyone wants to pop some ideas my way, feel free to.

Phew this was a long post. But enjoy. Ciao. xoxo