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DIY: “Decora” Cover

I’ve always admired the decora fashion sense. The bright colours, the pink, the cutesy, the pink, the itty bitty barrettes, the overall boldness. Not bold enough to ever actually attempt any of it, I decided I could at least hold a bit of it, neh?



So, today – here’s my terrible, terrible attempt at Do-It-Yourself decora cover.

What you will need:

  • A Case (One you bought that fits your device or the backing that comes with it.)
  • Clear double sided sticky tape or just plain clear packaging tape.
  • Hot glue gone (lowest heat setting) or super glue.
  • Nail polish or craft paint (optional).
  • Tweezers (to apply the gems it helps make it a bit easier than using your fingers.)
  • Jewels! Mini object beads, whatever you want to put on the back.
  • The idea of what you’re going to do.


First, take any old case. A blank (or even colorful one that you bought for your phone/device) or even the one that came with the device.
If it is not a plastic one that you do not care about, skip the next step, but if it is. I suggest you cover it with double sided tape or even plain clear tape will do. (That’s what I used.)

Next, once you covered it with the tape (I only covered a portion) if you’re not painting it with your craft or nail polish skip this step!
Begin painting it with your nail polish carefully, if you’re only doing a portion outline the portion tape with more tape so as to ensure to paint gets on the actual casing, unless you don’t care. I’m using nail polish because it’ll help the jewels stick and plus because they are larger jewels it’ll create a background for the spaces in-between. This is completely optional.  In the end it should look like this (beware the fumes!):

It’s a bit messy, but no matter we’re gonna jewel cover it!

While the nail polish is tacky (not yet dry) began carefully adding the jewels on. You can do it in any pattern you want but try not to leave too many open spaces.
If you’re using the glue, do the same thing (I’d advise against using nail polish and glue).

Continue until you fill the entire space! If at anytime any of the nail polish dries, add more! We’re almost done!

Once I was finished with the jewels I took a little plastic barrette, cut off the clip part and super glued it on top of the gems. This is optional!

I even found a old glitter green button from a pair of pajama pants and with a bit of tape and super glue – BAM! A decora case.
Allow the case at least a hour or so to dry to be ensure that none of the jems slide or shift before doing anything to it.

Eventually I added more jewels and now I have a easy, simple and self made decora case that is adorable!

Decora works on just about anything not only cases, so with the same ideas in mind feel free to try. Good luck and have fun!