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Bah-hum… oh it’s over?

So, Christmas is over and I’m not even gonna lie I’m envious of some of these “Look what I got!” posts. Christmas is slowly becoming just another day to my family, and I’m afraid after a while no one’s even gonna call each other and wish one another a Merry Christmas. /sigh

Ah well. I wasn’t expecting to get anything this year, in fact, I wasn’t planning on spending Christmas with my family this year. I was actually debating on whether or not to spend it with the boy. However, spending the whole day and night in his room watching him play Skyrim sounded dreadful. (He’s not so good at the romantic ordeal of being a relationship. He’ll learn, if I have to teach him.) So I decided to spend it with my family.

I didn’t take pictures of the wrappings or the actual gifts themselves but I got pajamas and socks AGAIN from my two great aunts. It’s okay that they didn’t know what to get me but, like I said on twitter:

Or if anything, nothing. I have pajamas in my drawers that I haven’t even worn yet! Some have been donated but still. Not to TMI you guys, but given the chance — I prefer sleeping naked.

Ah well, my uncle came over after my great aunts and he didn’t fail to impress. Look at what I got!

I’ve been playings Saints Row 3 since I’ve gotten it. So happy to have it. It is sooo much fun. If you like that sort of stuff of course.  It feeds to my nerdy side too.

Besides the gifts, I enjoyed the company of my family. That was kind of the best part. Seeing them all alive and healthy makes me happy keeps me calm.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Here’s to New Years.