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Valentine’s Day… *shoots cupid*

I’ve never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because I was single the majority of my high school time when it mattered to have a BF to buy you balloons, flowers, chocolate and teddy bear. But because I figured the holiday was a fail excuse for some couples to try to place in romance into their relationship. Romance and appreciation should ALWAYS be in a relationship. Not just overly on one day.

Now that I’ve been dating for 4+ years now, I can say I’ve gotten my share of Valentine’s day treats but it’s not like that’s the only time I ever received something.

This year was no different. :D Whatever this is a random post and I’m just gonna follow trend. Here’s a pic of the bf; He’s attempting to look cute in his panda hat.

I wish I had some photos of us together but well.. kind of hard to explain why not. Happy Valentine’s Day to all whether you celebrate or not. <3